Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burn down all that once was

If the greatest monster
Were locked in the cage with you
How would you escape?
Would you trade your soul away?
Like I did?
Cast yourself into the Hellfire?
Like I did?
Have your body torn to pieces?
Like I did?
So one day you could rise again?

I am the phoenix
Creature of the flame
For I know what it's like to be burned
And I always rise again

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I look upon a little cut
Caused by a slip of the knife
Not intentional, just from preparing food
And it is still soothing
Balm on clawed nerves
And even in my happy state
My skin enjoys the feel of my blades
I should invest in many
Viciously sharp ones
For when I want to quickly bleed
Small and cute ones
For those times that paper is not enough to sketch on
And I crave some hatch marks
Upon myself

And it all sounds very sick
Very brutal, ugly and cruel
So why does downing that vodka
And smoking and sucking tar
Constitute a better way to cope?
So I crave a blade
So what?

It's not everyday
It's not all over
Just a small line here
Some blood weeping from there
So surrender to the voices inside
And I am proud
They give me Pride
So I give them Peace

And you'll never know
Because my mouth remains
Impassive to you
Though some sorry part
Wants you to know all

And maybe some day you will

Friday, April 9, 2010


My wall has fallen
The castle is torn
My white banner
Waves in surrender
And I am frightened
But I am not sad

The hole is no longer filled with lead
The iron burns my skin again
My eyes are not cloudy
There is blood in these veins
They scream in power

My mouth is unstitched
My wings are unfurled
But I'm still afraid to fly

The castle still looks inviting
The dark that was made for hiding
Still wants me in its depths
But I can't be there anymore

And some small part
Cries out in quiet pain
Is still bloody
Battered and bruised
Is still feeling the effects
Of my cruel treatment
Of the numbingness
I used to feed it

For I am the jailer
The prisoner
The key
And I throw these away
Away, away from me

This place is not nice anymore
It is pain
It is pointless
It is more than agony

I am out in the sunlight again
The moon can touch me
The stars are lost in my hair

And I can breathe.