Monday, September 13, 2010

Robotic Heart, Cyber Eye

Inside this hallow
It has hidden
For decades, years and centuries
This little portal
A place where all pleasure lies

To crave and touch
An animal or human thing?
To watch and wait
As a passionate nature flairs
To be watched and admired
A sedate nature rocks the core

This simple blend
Earth and Fire
Grows and Burns

Does it work?
Does it combine well?
Who knows?

I still think I'll burn you.

(Written July 10, 2010)


Recognise me
Look at me
Beyond the shadow of a doubt
The mirror on your wall

No constraints
No wishes
Nothing between us

I curse you
I bless you
I wish you well
Yet you do not know all that passes through here

A tyrant
A treasure
A pleasure in my pain

I've given you nothing
I ask you for everything

A spot unholy
A ritual to spend
To mark this time
A s spent

First blood
First light
First darkness in the sky

First sorrow
First peace
First way to eternity

Give me your hate
I'll turn it into shame
I'll never let it hurt
And I'll never let you win


Thank you.

(Written July 7, 2010)

Waiting, Searching

Waiting or searching
What does that say about a person?
There are those who are waiting for something
And those who are searching
And they are all different.

But is there a difference between the two?
For those who search-
Are waiting to find something
And those who wait-
Are searching for the right thing to pass in front of their eyes

Waiting and searching...

And when it has arrived-
Has been found
Will we recognize it?

(Written July 3, 2010)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Flash and strain

What would it take
To burn out the shadow reversed
In one's mind?

Unforgiving memories-
Of perfect pointlessness

A little child clings
Ripping open
And without
The marks and the scars

Feel it!
See it!
This is what you do to me!
You millions of staring eyes!

Eyes... eyes

Haunting and flashing
Through and around me
A fascination and obsession
Stemming from hatred

I enjoy that which hurts me-
Poisons and destroys me.

For I will always be the destroyer
To my own light and happiness

If that be the only control I possess
Than let me possess it!

(Written on July 2, 2010... things have changed...)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Silver Eyed

Inside here
Foggy and indistinct
A place to run to
Alone and calm
Forever comfortable in alone
And I'll always want to hide in here

Watching those unfocused eyes
Away in a place
Unreachable and distant
Beside me but not there
Where I can no longer touch her
Though her body remains
Next to me

Possessed and unpossessible
This be a dilemma or curse
A blessing in a vague, false world
And a way to remain alright in self
Though 'self' be vague and far away