Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another passing mood

To stop the hallowed, hollowed ground
Sinking beneath the surface
The covering floor
Hardly serves its purpose

It cannot simply be
A lack of peace
Moments of unease
A passing passion
A madness
That creeps along the spine
Infects the nerves and feelings
Seeps into the brain
A killing infection

White and soothing
Tablet and water
But is it alright to rely on such?

Frenzy and tears
Still spring to the surface
Disturb the calm
Upsets the peace
Fractures the healed pieces

Needing so little to be high
So easily pulled low
Craving numb and calm
No matter the unhappiness

Is it alright to be happy?
But to continue to have moments so sad?
Moments of madness?