Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Many girls dream of their Prince Charming
And their Knight in Shining Armour
The man who can hold them with impossible strength and power
For they are weak, undeveloped and unsure

They want to be taken on the adventures they hear others speak of
Dream of and wish for
They want power and crave strength
But think it is not something for them

Others settle for simple thrills
Momentary pleasure and passing passions
Empty and tiresome

Needing no Knight, no Dark One, no Prince
I just want The One beside me
As we go on together

And if he is not strong enough to take me on adventures
Then hold on to my hand and I'll take You.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Praying on blue roses for impossible wishes
Cherry blossoms are a fog at the edge of my dreams
Forget-me-nots a shade of violet that impress on memory
Poppies are a gloomy end
And the language of the flowers
Make me think of England