Sunday, January 17, 2010


The Moth Girl is crying-
"It has been too long to succeed!"
"We are all failures now and it's too scary to proceed!"

"Shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!"

Angry is yelling to her in my head.
"I swear I'll do it!
"Don't think I won't"

"Let's run from here-
Hide away-
Become a Warrior, a Knight, a Pirate, a Sorcerer."
Of course, The Black Prince has to have his say.
"Let's find somewhere fun to be!"


Crazy's point is a point- of a blade.

The Red Queen is silent.
As I wish her to be.
But sometimes...
I want her to come out
I want her to play with me-
Nobody understands what it means to crave nothing!
Nobody wants nothing!
And is it me who is saying this-
Or The Red Queen?

1 comment:

ONly MaDneSs KNows said...

u sound like emilie!!

the red queen.. the cutting... i am starting to think were real opheliacs.. what can this mean??