Friday, May 14, 2010

Frantic Prayer

God give me a night
A soul of black
A heart of white
Let not the sadness permeate my veins
The greatest love, the greatest pains

The total loss
The perfect gains
It is all a drain
And my heart weakens
As they rise
But I will never simply die

It is tired
It is bored
The Darkness
The Wholeness
Wanting more

I will never be complete
Asking is plain defeat
This is beyond what life can give
This is not a promise, but a whim

I ask great Gods for your blessings
A simple smile
A soul's pressings

As Night sits in my frames
And Fire burns beyond wane

This is the woman in me
The man, the child
The sweet eternity

For I am something more
Something less
And something born

To feel your eyes watching me
Creates havoc that is free
Is a heaven beneath

And I will watch you as you sleep
Though you whisper and you creep
I will watch you in your sleep
Come with me, my soul does weep.

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