Thursday, May 20, 2010

Samael, Lilith and whatever name You call It

To be the fallen
The felled
The one's destroyed
There must of been the one's who won

Was it ever a true battle?
A fair fight?
Was there ever a chance I could have won?
Or was it all a tease?
Was I always destined to lose?
Was this meant to be?

Tell me, sky's above
Were you always planning on casting me out?
Was my pride too much for you?
Could I not be the Morning Star?
Was I truly such an abberation?

Now my skin is scarred
By the people
By my commrades
My brothers in arms
My family

Could not one such as me be left alone?

You did this to me!
Left me here with nothing
Only a belly full of lead
My insides forever in ill
My outsides forever burning
And I'm not sure this is the prison of my own creation.

Seems to me, if you always knew
Why bother with me?
Did you let destiny dictate
Your treatment of me?
Did I let destiny do the same?

Perhaps we were both fooled
Both led astray
And that I do regret

The sins of the father
The reflection of the son
And also a daughter

I am beyond destiny.

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