Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soul, Memories and Glass

My god, my god!
My dark and deadly

Who burns inside this heart
Composed of layers
Of broken glass
And shattered illusions
And piles of disappointment
And the quiet cries and whimpers
Of a little girl

And do these make me weak?
A little pathetic being?
Has it made me give up
The goddess
In me?

They both wear crowns
The Black Prince
The Red Queen

They contain all that is ever good
Or ever bad
About being an androgyne

But he is a prince
And she a queen
His persona does not encompass all
And her shadow does not emerge so often

But they are me
And they never let me be

For they are not meant to
That would make life too simple
Too sweet

And the sugar would burn my tongue
In a sickening way

I need the hollow
And the brutal
The beauty
In the disease

So curse me in
And reward me in

For I am grateful for it all

This is the life I chose
Not a settle
Not a dream
A reality
Made of dreams
And screened

But I refuse to think
I have been unfair

To cry
To shout
To curse the air

This is me
In perfection and hate
In flaws and love

And I
Every moment of it!

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