Sunday, January 7, 2007

January 6, 2007- Epiphany (by the Catholic calendar)

Is it possible that every thought that screams to be real, can? I alway wonder this? Why do some people manage to be amazing at EVERYTHING they try and make all their wishes come true while so many more get lost in the dust that is "ordinary life".
"Ordinary Life": a population of millions who either know better but can't think of any other way or people vey content with it all and finally... those who hate it all but sadly, don't know there can be more.
Maybe to base everything on one feeling or one, small inspired moment is dumb. But to live in my dream is better than most's reality.
Ha... how bloody profound.
Maybe I should look to a career, writing inspirational books... those bastards make a HELL of a lot of cash.

Still want to play in a band. The problem (as I've told a friend) is that EVERYONE that's a musician that I've met is dedicated but so few are willing to just enjoy it. They all worry about a lot of stupid shit. (Not like I don't do it as well!)

Chant for a good day! See what happens!

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