Thursday, June 3, 2010


I've watched myself
Collapsed upon the floor
Covered in hatred
Blood, stale sweat
And the last kiss from a broken man

Wrapped in a white dress
Not a promise of marriage
But a declaration of purity
Though why I've never felt so
I'll never know

I want to sink into the sand
And lose myself in hours
Staring into the sky
And feel that wind in my hair
Of a time when any of it mattered

I've felt the nails in my back
Scrapped across wood
And promised
To unholy god
Sick, perverted dog!

I've seen myself a bride
To your god
A maiden
For your pride

And I end it here

A black haloed wretch
And your escaped destiny
I am not so easy to contain

No longer tired
Nor ready to be used

I have lived too long
Too hard
Tired and fast

So drop the act
Throw down the veil

I will not promise myself
In blindness

For I am ready
To fly away

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