Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Heart and the Thorns

I am a girl of the rose
Some pale perfect
Some dripping in rich blood colour
Some of spiritual rare essence

It is a fragrance and a signature
That I wear with pride

To be lush
And rich
Delicate and decadant
Gentle and cruel
In its beauty

These never ending contrasts
Are the mystery
The Power
I carry in my veins

Rest me in your hands
At a lover's waist
Upon a loved one's grave
I am a sign of all the fire that burns in you

Dripping in nectar
I will drunken and stupify
All those who lick upon me
And I will enjoy and adore
Those foolish smiles on their faces

Sweet and tender
I am handled
Cruel and unloving
I am abused
And I am used to both touches

But nothing scars upon my perfection
Nothing destroys all that is esoteric

The petals will fall
The perfume will dry
The plant will fade and die
But I...

I can never die
For I am beyond my physical constraints

I am that memory
That passion
Those tears
That sorrow
The pain
The pleasure

And the Love

And this is where my life is

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