Thursday, June 3, 2010

Visual Rape

I imagine
A cell- no-
A cage

Where my pale bones have been thrown
And where I feel
A million eyes, a thousand sneers
Painted upon
The faces of countless males
All in perverted glee

They are watching me
They are loving this
They want me to shout
To taste the panic in my blood
And the bile in my throat
And the hateful words on my tongue

One enters
For he feels
He can

But there is a blade here
In my hand
Made of ice
And the Justice
That burns in my eyes

And as he thrusts-
So do I
Into that paunchy belly
The sick old dog!
Into his twisted body
I've entered
And he can't enter mine

I've killed him.
And the rest flee.
So the cage is open
And I run

A thunder storm
Rain pouring down
On me
And I let it wash away the hatred

I am free...

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