Saturday, June 12, 2010

Within and Without

The rain of essence
Of silver weightlessness
The pale fragile
The tiny maiden
Oh Moth Girl

Has she exited my body?
Or does her reign
Forever impact my history?

Tissue paper wings
And a crown of her fellows
Above a saddened brow
And luminous eyes
Filled with all the shed tears

Her powerlessness
Comes not from true weakness
But from disbelief

Why would a pale creature have power?

As beautiful
As she is self-destructive
To herself
And to I

But do I let her go?
Forget her
And never remember the maids we once were?

Now vibrant
In blackness
Or in colours
I cannot help but remember
Those days of being without
Staring in the mirror
Just translucence

And there is a certain
In losing yourself
Even the broken past
Its bloody future

For what lies before
This new ground
Is far more bright
But like lightning

And the Moth Girl would cower
But the rest of me
Is ready

With a smile on my face...

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